A couple of responses sent to other blogs – re: Mindfulness and distractions. Something we all must manage daily.

Mindfulness is an important consideration in the management of stress/distress/anxiety/adhd/depression. It’s about attending to the moment, and without sounding mystical on this, mindfulness is – for me – about managing the distractions, not always being in what has been referred to as “continuous partial attention” – not a state easy to live with, if one wants to concentrate on a particular goal or activity.

When I mention mindfulness, I am also commenting on the idea of accepting a bit more of yourself – as you are – and as your post suggests you are doing since the diagnosis helped offer ‘relief’ to you. Prior to the incredibly distracting times we live in – internet, Google feeds, tv, relationships, psychiatric diagnoses, inter alia, many people struggled or grappled with the strength or pull of distractions, including Montaigne (1500s), Lord Chesterfield (1700s, I think), Virginia Woolf…When I say ‘acceptance’ or mindfulness, I’m speaking of learning to manage these feelings, these ‘states of being’ within oneself “in the best way one can.” Conversations help considerably.



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