Fascinating description of anxiety and panic attack…

“Shall I then describe how I fainted again? That is the galloping hooves got wild in my head last Thursday night as I sat on the terrace with L. How cool it is after the darkness after the heat! I said. We were watching the downs draw back into fine darkness after they had burnt like solid emerald all day. Now that was being softly finely veiled. And the white owl was crossing to fetch mice from the marsh. Then my heart leapt: and stopped: and leapt again: and I tasted that queer bitterness at the back of my throat; and the pulse leapt into my head and beat and beat, more savagely, more quickly. I am going to faint, I said, and slipped off my chair and lay on the grass. Oh no, I was not unconscious. I was alive; but possessed with this struggling team in my head: galloping, pounding. I thought something will burst in my brain if this goes on. Slowly it muffled itself. I pulled myself up and staggered, with what infinite difficulty and alarm, now truly fainting and seeing the garden painfully lengthened and distorted, back, back, back – how long it seemed – could I drag myself? – to the house: and gained my room and fell on my bed. Then, pain, as of childbirth; and then that too slowly faded; and I lay presiding, like a flickering light, like a most solicitous mother, over the shattered splintered fragments of my body. A very acute and unpleasant experience.” 

Virginia Woolf – Diary 1932


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One response to “Fascinating description of anxiety and panic attack…

  1. Even rock salt is said to have mineral properties, which can act as stress
    busters when added in the bath water. Instead, anxiety sufferers may want to consider using
    natural alternatives like aromatherapy or herbal supplements to help keep the nerves calm and
    reduce the chances of having another attack. Numbness may be a side effect of hyper-ventilating
    and with relaxation breathing, the numbness can potentially go away.

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