Mental health and literature

I have been pleased to see the responses to my posts on Virginia Woolf and her difficulties with depression and anxiety.  Many of her contemporaries, as well as those artists before and following her, grappled with issues of mental health – all the which were contributed to or exacerbated by societal, medical, as well as scientific (or lack of) factors.  I will continue to bring to this forum some of the literary sources that highlight these issues. I would welcome your suggestions and thoughts. 

Following is a review done that includes some interesting references.



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3 responses to “Mental health and literature

  1. Eli

    I find it particularly interesting the correspondences between artists and mental health. My professor Susan Kavaler Adler, had us a read a chapter in her book on the compulsion to create that analyzed Emile and Charlotte Bronte, and it was extremely insightful.

  2. I have that book – I must locate and read that! So you’re studying with her, yes?

  3. Eli

    Yes, at her institute ORI in NYC. I love her and I think she’s brilliant.

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