From – On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored…

“Psychoanalysis is a story – and a way of telling stories – that makes some people feel better…Psychoanalysis – as a form of conversation – is worth having only if it makes our lives more interesting, or funnier, or sadder, or more tormented, or whatever it is about ourselves that we value and want to promote; and especially if it helps us find new things about ourselves that we didn’t know we could value. New virtues are surprisingly rare.”  

    “From a psychoanalytic point of view, the kiss is a revealing sequence containing a personal history. The way a person kisses and likes to be kissed shows in condensed form something about that person’s character….There is the return of the primary sensuous experience of tasting another person, one in which the difference between the sexes can supposedly be attenuated – the kiss is the image of reciprocity, not of domination – but one that is also unprecedented developmentally, since it includes tasting someone else’s mouth…

  “Mouths learn to kiss…Kissing on the mouth can have a mutuality that blurs the distinctions between giving and taking (‘In kissing do you render or receive?’) Cressida asks in Troilus and Cressida).”

Adam Phillips 




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3 responses to “From – On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored…

  1. Looks like a good book. Thanks for posting this. Adam Phillips is such a good psychoanalytic writer.

  2. And thanks for your offer to send me your review of Lewis Aron’s book, A Meeting of Minds. I left you the following message the other day on my blog without realizing that I should have left it here: Absolutely. Thank you very much. I would enjoy reading it very much. And I read an interview with Lewis Aron online about the current state of psychoanalysis that I believe was from 2009. Would you mind posting your review here on my blog in the form of a comment? Please let me know if you think of a better way of doing it. Paul

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