Why Books and Movies Are Better the Second Time




New research reveals why people like to reread books, re-watch movies and generally repeat the same experiences over and over again. It’s not addictive or ritualistic behavior, but rather a conscious effort to probe deeper layers of significance in the revisited material, while also reflecting on one’s own growth through the lens of the familiar book, movie or place. See link above….


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5 responses to “Why Books and Movies Are Better the Second Time

  1. Great research, interesting confirmation for a filmmaker, novelist, poet, etc., 🙂

  2. I completely agree with this. I am one of those who will reread a book a hundred times throughout my life or rewatch a movie several times over a long period. I attribute that to the books and movies never change as they have been captured in a point of time; however, I do change throughout my life, so with each new read or viewing, I see with a new perception which change the film or book for me. I have favorite books and movies that I revisit each year, just to see what differences I will notice, just to delve deeper and to explore what I missed on previous readings and viewings.

    • Delving deeper and exploring new perspectives – on the same material – as you put it, is exactly how I have experienced it…Sometimes feel a little silly returning to the same, but the sense of familiarity catches me….and like you, I find I see new things….A quote from Proust: “My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.”
      — Marcel Proust

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