All The Selves We Have Been


The link that I am posting here is to an excerpt from a new book by Lynne Segal, a professor of psychology and gender studies at Birkbeck College. She is not only a scholarly writer, but also a delightful one in the way that she describes her views on ageing, feminism, and includes philosophical, literary, and psychological references – demonstrating the depth of her psychoanalytic knowledge.  It took me no time at all to order a copy of her book….I will follow this link with another from The Guardian, in which her book and one by Penelope Lively are reviewed.

Writing against the cultural aversion to aging and the aged, the feminist scholar explores our impulse to stop time in an excerpt from her forthcoming book.

“It is when we are young that we are most obviously busy with the project of trying to construct a self we hope the world will appreciate, monitoring and rearranging the impressions we make upon others. Yet as we age, most of us are still trying to hold on to some sense of who and what we are, however hard this may become for those who start to feel increasingly invisible.” 

And from The Guardian: 

“From the vantage point of old age it’s sometimes possible to catch hold with fresh understanding on to what we’ve been and what it’s meant, before it passes out of living memory.”


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    A must read for all those interesting in examining one’s perspective on ageing…

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