Falling in Love Takes One-Fifth of a Second

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                                And we thought that falling in love was a simple affair…..(seems it’s pretty complex)…

“It takes a fifth-of-a-second for the euphoria-inducing chemicals to start acting on the brain when you are looking at that special someone. That’s one of the conclusions of Stephanie Ortigue, who has co-authored a review of neuroscience research on love.”

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One response to “Falling in Love Takes One-Fifth of a Second

  1. This is so true, and I think I know why.

    I believe that we spend significant time in our lives searching for the perfect soulmate – conscientiously and subconsciously. We search for that perfect, physical look first – the face, the hair, and the body shape. Then we listen for the voice. Is it appealing? Does it call out to us? Is it the voice we have been longing to hear? Just the right pitch? Just the right tone?

    Then we go on further. We look for all the subtle nuances that appeal to us that no one else we have met satisfies. It could be just the way they move, or turn their head or look at us. The smile – yes – it’s always the smile created only for us.

    Without going any further, I think we become like architects building in our minds the perfect person to love, and the one who would satisfy all our mental, physical and emotional needs. When we finally come across that person, or one who comes close – BOOM – it hits us like a thunderbolt!

    It doesn’t take long – yes, only seconds – because we already know what they are supposed to look like, act and how they will present themselves to us. All that data and the hologram has been hiding inside us waiting to be pulled out.

    I had this happen to me recently (after just being divorced for 28-years) but it did not work out well. Turns out that she had just got married then moved with her new husband down to Florida. It devastated me. Oh, well, time to move on.

    So, is this a healthy thing to do? I’m not sure, but I think it’s good food for thought when you suddenly find that 2-second thunderbolt.

    Good post!

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